Call me


Not a rectangular booth in blues with a coin return, it is better! With cell phones a phone call can be made from almost anywhere. –I do say ‘almost’. Mom’s house still has a landline because cell phone technology isn’t applicable. But, she did have dial up til two summers ago. :o) –I made a call today parked among sturdy lake grasses in the sunshine. An infinite blessing to be able to call someone from such a gorgeous location. In the background of my chattering, I could hear chickadees and leaves falling from their summer sojourn. I felt crisp breezes on my cheek (note: the daddy long leg who also was on my cheek was summarily evicted and died in the cold still lake–shudder!) and the warmth of the sunshine as it topped the trees and spilled onto the surface of the water. I watched the mist scurry  from the heated beams and melt into nothing. It was neat to know, only a few feet away on the other shore, ice crystals were still enveloping twigs and forest litter. I was content in my kayak cocoon on an incredible September morning.

I cannot imagine a more perfect place for a conversation.


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