Mother Moose


When I was a kid, this was my favorite TV show. Yes, a television show with a person dressed up as a moose in an apron. As a teen, I got to meet Larry Beck in person. Talk about super amazing awesome cool! He didn’t even look that old!

Yesterday, the cow pictured, poked her head around the garage when we got home from the beach. As she made a wide berth around us to get to a different part of mum’s yard, we realised she had a calf! Mother Moose in the flesh. A very large flesh. I kept the vehicle as an escape route if she objected to my photography and I did NOT hum the theme song to the TV show as I watched them. The blessing of memories and watching a watchful eye is one of the many amazing things about being up here at home. I laughed with the congregation when mum’s pastor told of a young bull batting around the tire swing in her yard last week. That, too, would have been fun to witness.


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