There is a black shape inside the blue star. It is joy. Today was a gray sort of day. A little bit of rain and a low tide. So much of the beach was open to explore and play on. A single adult and a little were out nearest the dock. The adult was looking for rocks and the little??? Joyously the child rolled down the hill of smooth stones, rounded by the waves. At the end, laughter followed the youngster back to the top, where it was done all over again!

It doesn’t matter what kind of hill is around, rolling down is great fun (unless of course, you are headed into the Fire Swamp…..). You don’t need lush grass, cardboard to slide on, or even plastic and water. Those add to the enjoyment, but are not necessary. Be like this little one playing all alone on rocks. Use what is available as you embrace life to the fullest. Find blessings on top of the stones, not just as you turn them.


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