I had a super odd experience today. I went down to the Arness Dock beach to get a breath of fresh air and look for rocks. The tide had been a minus one, so there was a great deal of shore open. I had my camera, cell phone, and car keys.  I didn’t go too terribly far. On my way back to the car, I sighted another cool rock, coal actually, and stopped to photograph it. As I stood, I realized I didn’t feel the keys. Panic set in. I looked around the ground, looked at the rising water, and scooted quickly back along the tideline. I could see where my footsteps had come up from the waves. The rest of my tracks were under water. I walked the whole way, praying and searching. I did this twice, ending up back where I had started. Keyless.  I reached for my phone to call my friend Kelly for help. The first two calls failed. The third call went through and I looked down and saw mom’s car keys! I hung up in shock. I had looked and looked and when I stopped depending on myself, I found what I had lost.

What a blessing, what a lesson to pair with my pocket full of rocks.


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