It is awesome how many good things can get squished into a couple of hours. I cruised FB and saw fun things shared, I went to the post and laughed with an old friend (really, he truly is old!), I walked on the beach by Arness Dock and met a lovely (not as old as my friend) couple from Germany who were looking for Alaskan rocks, and then I spotted belugas. A gentleman had brought his two grands down and they shouted and laughed while watching the whales.

Looking at this photo, you might see a good sized white rock or log. However, this is a beluga whale sporting in Cook Inlet. There were at least three. One grayish one and two who were bright white. I haven’t seen a beluga since my first summer home and it is not common to see them in September. They don’t breach like a typical whale, they roll. It was absolutely exciting to see the group chasing silvers (that part we couldn’t see, but it is pretty certain they were after silvers) up the inlet. Gone are the days when you sighted them by the hundreds. I felt incredibly fortunate and blessed to watch the ones I saw today. Like those youngsters, I, too, squealed with glee.


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