Less Traveled


I enjoy walking at mum’s house. The mosquitoes and noseeums are a pain, but the walks are always interesting. The road mum’s house is on has evolved since I used to take my 12-15 min walk to the bus stop. Part of the old road is a new one, much better maintained. The rest of the old road is a ATV track. (actually, it was one originally! 3 wheelers were popular on this stretch~)  I like to walk on both parts of it, I can’t walk on the side road I used to take. It is overgrown and only a portion of it is a part of the new road. Along the old road are often little used one track roads which are fun to meander down. I am fond of the road less traveled.

However, yesterday I noticed a moose on the  old road. So, I stayed off of it for a while. I looped around and ended up walking down it back to the main road. I kept a close eye out for the cow and as I crossed the track pictured, I thought about finding out where it went. Until I looked up and saw the lady and her young one. This is when you look at the road less traveled, take the other and it makes all the difference! I quietly snapped their photo and walked away. Thankful I had kept my eyes open and was being careful. The pair were an unexpected blessing, but I didn’t need to be an idiot about them.


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