I was given another pair of earrings today. This pair was literally taken off the woman’s ears. I admired them as they graced her form and she gave them to me. What a gift this woman shared. She gave something she had created to a stranger who appreciated. She embodied the spirit of gifting. I’ve been given dozens of earrings. Many of them from people I am not related to. People know I love dangles and they find a pair and think of me. They are special and when I wear them, I think of that person.

This pair, though, humbled me like none other. She not only gave a personal creation to someone she had just met, she also gave me her phone number. She wants me to call so she can come and sit with mom while mom rests. What a precious ability. To give of oneself so completely. What a balm to my soul to find this caring woman.

She is more than a blessing!



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