Second Look


I love kayaks. OK, I love water no matter where it is! The fun thing in a kayak, is gliding past interesting things and being able to turn around and look again. This cool reflection made me look more than once. I wanted to move the grasses in front of it, but thought my ‘fixing’ things might ruin it. It is a fascinating image of shapes. I sometimes see a heart in the center, sometimes it is almost a rounded triangle (I am sure there is some geometric word for that, but math is not my forte!). It changed as I maneuvered around it.

These sorts of images are fun to find. I’m thankful  I have not let my imagination vanish in the maturity of adulthood. It is a blessing to be able to search, discover, and share. (those words used to be a motto for the Tiger Cub Scouts) What did you find today to give away?


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