Beyond the Web


This is an untouched photo of a spiderweb on a gray afternoon. Things you can see which are hidden from view when viewing from a different perspective. Without the camera, there was a lovely web. I can’t see it in the photo, but it was there.

Wanting hugged or kissed and touched. Yet, being grateful for the breath of wind and warmth of sun on my skin. Desiring the voice of a human who doesn’t want me to just listen, who wants to hear my thoughts and ideas. Being thankful I can voice my words with a keyboard. Changing my ticket to Oregon and finding out mom’s chemo has been canceled for 12 more days. Thankful that change allows me to spend time with her as herself and not a chemical zombie. Reading words which make me laugh or smile or think. Absolutely grateful I have the knowledge and ability to understand most ideas I run across.

Seeing things differently. Past what is really there to what might be beyond. Looking at the forest made up of amazing trees. Pretty cool blessings out there! (Thanks Becky…and so many more)


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