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Eons ago a song was written called, “I’ll Fly Away.” It is a peppy religious number about dying. However, watching the youngest of the wild ducks learn to fly, noting the flowers fading,  and seeing the leaves spiral to the lake top, made me remember the tune.

This has been a summer to recall flight. I see mortality all around me. It doesn’t exactly frighten me, it makes me sad. The closing of the season into the glittering shroud of winter is so beautiful, it is one of my favorite times of the year. But, watching my mom as her days are waning, is not as enjoyable. She may rally. I’m not entirely convinced these weeks are the end. She’s been in this exact place many times before. Each time makes her weaker and it is harder to get back to a status quo again. She has been fighting hard with cancer for decades. Cancer does not scare me. It never has. Chemotherapy does. I hate seeing how icky this makes mum.

Today, it is grey outside. Still very beautiful, but the sunshine on the lake is hidden. May your hours be full of blessings under the clouds. . Peaceful journeys to you as you wing your way around your day.



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