It has been a while….


I am not a dog person. I don’t like dogs. However, I  do enjoy following working dogs race and I appreciate what dogs do for people. This is my mum’s dog. He is a mini long haired dachshund. He is not entirely mini, though. He also doesn’t like me much. I do pet him and scratch his nose and feed him, but he doesn’t really care for my company. He loves to bark (the boys last summer called him Obequiet–his name is Obiwan Kenobi) and when I try to get him to go outside, he barks.When I open a door, he barks. When I make noise, he barks. When I am outside working and throw something, he barks. He has a sharp high bark.

This dog is a blessing. Mum is going thru a chemotherapy which is not supposed to make hair fall out, it isn’t supposed to make the person sick to their stomach, and it does not often cause pain. Mum has all of these and more. She is soo sick. But, she has to get up for this dog. Taking care of him makes her move. I can take care of Mum, but only she can make her dog go outside or get in the car. So, yeah. I’m grateful for Mum’s dog.

The cat? Mittens has been staring at the floor under different boxes for quite a while now. Creepy much????


3 thoughts on “It has been a while….

  1. I wouldn’t own a dog because I’m too lazy to walk one in bad weather. I do enjoy other people’s dogs. But I don’t enjoy dogs that bark at EVERYTHING! You have my condolences.

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  2. Even though I am a canine lover – to be honest, I do love almost all animals – I laughed at this entry! Some folks are just not interested in sharing their lives with animals and I respect that perspective; there are times I wonder why I thought it was a good idea to share my life with an Alaskan malamute and a German Shepherd Dog – two of the heaviest shedding canine breeds in existence! I guess it comes down to this; if one values the affection, the unconditional love, the utility and the effort in caring for a canine then ya just learn to put up with their less favorable traits like shedding and tracking mud and dirt all over one’s domicile. I have a sign in my entryway that reads; “In this house dog fur is a condiment”; at least it prepares my guests!

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