BE Kind


I had an experience yesterday which made me think. I was on hold, basking in the warmth of the sun, and enjoying the wait. Unfortunately,  those 25 minutes of relaxation  didn’t reach the person on the other end. I forgot to be kind as I heard the man not answer the question I needed answered. After several minutes of what I felt was wasted time, I told him goodbye. I was so annoyed, I went off on the experience using social media. It was a poor choice.

When a person reacts in a defensive manner to another’s defensive manner, it creates distress and barriers. Our world teaches us to be offensive and aggressive. To be the one on top. We are taught to eliminate the problems in our life in any way possible and claw our way to what we want. To survive. It doesn’t matter if it is killing an unborn, a person who is different in some way, or a friendship. Our personal important is of top priority.  Where is kindness in this? Where is the warmth of the sun?

I give away flowers, I pass on positive thoughts, and I tripped on being kind to a stranger who was doing his job. I called back this morning and left a message with his supervisor. I apologised for my unkindness. I hope it reached the right person. Elwood P. Dowd was so right. Being kind is the best way. It is a hard blessing to remember sometimes.


One thought on “BE Kind

  1. To be human is to err and that’s especially true in interpersonal situations, Kris. While we’d all like to be able to extend the empathy needed to allow us to see a tough situation from all sides sometimes we just don’t have – or just don’t take – the time to reflect upon the ‘more than one viewpoint’ perspective. To me, the fact you recognized your indiscretion and immediately corrected it is the truly important thing in this entire event. You will learn from your mistake and in the final analysis that’s what is truly important!

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