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There is a saying about how chopping firewood makes you twice warmed. This small pile of wood brought me another kind. The warmth of accomplishment.

Mum prefers larger pieces of wood in her stove. I split a bunch logs last year into small sections, but found she was using punky old logs covered in fungus. These, I didn’t split. I had done so many and these were so hard! This end of August, I decided I’d try it. I got out a heavy, blunted, and old splitting wedge of Dad’s  and a 4 pound hammer/axe (a small maul) the boys left after they were here last fall. It took me about an hour. I am sure others in my family could have done the job much faster. Yet, I DID IT!! All by myself.

I was hot and sweaty and very proud of myself. I am so glad I am able to do these kinds of chores. I’m not used to doing them, I’m often not allowed to (it does take me awhile!), and it is ok. When the trees are down, I can do it!

Blessed to be warmed in so many ways.


2 thoughts on “Warmed

  1. This one both ‘warmed’ me and broke my heart. I’m probably the laziest person, at least in terms of physical activity, I know but I’ve always loved to split firewood. Sadly, an accident on ice in late March of 2015 severely fractured my left radius and ulna requiring reconstructive surgery and leaving me with virtually an artificial left elbow. Because of this injury I cannot do anything which involves impacts and that includes chopping firewood. I can use a hydraulic splitter but that’s just not the same! However, just to see the firewood and hear of your success at chopping it up warmed my heart. Congratulations on a job well done!!


    1. Thank you for your congratulations–I only wish I had more for her. I was out in the kayak last night and scented wood smoke from the neighbor’s wood stove and wanted to cry. She has so very little and even though the stove is probably incredibly unsafe (very old thing from the 70’s!), she does use it as much as she can. Last year she burned pithy wood that was nasty. I discovered this when I got back home. I am sorry you can’t enjoy the excitement of chopping wood by hand–it truly is a fun experience!


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