Much of my existence is online.  I have met people who have become friends. Friends who have helped me grow, given me advice, made me laugh. Some of them I have met in person.  They are lights. Shining examples of giving. Jeremy, who took this photo, is one. Celia, I follow her on FB and on wordpress, is another. Becky, who is a wordpress blogger, always makes me smile. One blogging FB friend shares books and articles with me. Others I have sent books or packages to for birthdays or just because. These lights shine from places all over the world.  I am not going to mention them all. It would take much too long! I am truly blessed by these good souls. Their giving has made me a better person. I only hope I will someday be as much of a blessing as they are!

Make a friend online and grow with them!


2 thoughts on “Lights

  1. What a refreshingly positive posting! I love the underlying sentiment; we never know when we make a first contact how the relationship will develop. But it is always best to keep one’s heart and eyes open while tamping down one’s mouth. Some of the most enduring relationships started with the most innocuous of meetings…

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