When mom hollered at me to get my camera and she was standing in the door to the house, I had no idea she had a dragonfly of this size in her palm. I quickly scooted her back outdoors, though. She found it sitting in the grass-she said it was quivering and I suggested she put it in the pansy pot. I have had hummingbirds and bats in the house, I can imagine what havoc an insect this size might make!

I’ve been trying to get a photo of one of these guys when I’ve gone out on the lake. I see them in other places, but picking one up to HOLD it??? Nope. I had one land near me in the kayak (it was behind me, I could hear the wings clattering. For being so fragile  looking, they sure make a ton of noise!) and it made me very nervous when it stopped! I was pretty impressed with mom cradling this one in her hand and I was really glad she saved it from the yard. I am not sure what forced it to the earth, it didn’t look injured, though. I forgot to see if it flew away–I hope it did. Magical lovely creatures of summer.

One of those ‘Wow’ blessings.


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