Look Again


I am not the blessing, the life I have is. Let me explain.

I had to pick up a prescription today. (Ah, the life of needing drugs to stay alive.) Anyway, the pharmacy had one person on staff and no line! I went to the window and he got me what I asked for. But, then, he stopped and said. ‘This isn’t right. I need to redo this prescription for your vitamin D.’ He explained that while vitamin D isn’t bad for a person, and the dose I take twice a week is acceptable, the one made up for me was toxic. It appeared somehow wires were crossed and the prescription told me to take my 50,000U twice a day. He said at that level, the vitamin would have put me in the hospital in a very short time. I am pretty sure I’d  have either ignored it and taken the proper dose or brought it back to ask about it. He told me not everyone does that. Often people just assume the dr and the pharmacy are correct and suffer the consequences.

I am glad the pharmacy wasn’t busy and he could look at it and see it was wrong. I am incredibly thankful I wasn’t the person who died in the scene in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ when George Bailey wasn’t there to stop the pharmacist from making up the wrong meds. Today, I am blessed to be alive. It is funny how on days when blessings seem hard to find, they tend to land in your lap!


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