IMG_3815 I love weather. Rain, snow, thunderstorms, and sunshine. I am not overly fond of high temps and I do NOT like wind. I have an odd phobia about windstorms at night, but anything else is embraced. Walking in different kinds of weather is something I enjoy doing.  One of my favorite praise songs in college had the line, ‘Blue skies and rainbows and sunbeams from heaven are what you can see when the Lord is living in me….’ I don’t remember any of the rest of the song, but I do love the words and cadences in this phrase of the tune!

When I was out in the kayak today, I had everything except a breeze. If you look close, there is even a rainbow in those puffy grey clouds! A breeze would have been nice, the bugs were thick on the water. There is a poem, I cannot find it, about being glad no matter the weather. I’ve always appreciated that idea…as long as it isn’t dark and windy!

Enjoy the blessing I found in the blue skies, the raindrops, the fluffy clouds, and the hint of a rainbow. Those kinds of things demand shared!


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