I’ll be Your Shelter


Taylor Dane sings this song. I love the lyrics, ‘I’ll see you through. I’ll cover you..I will be there..’ (I also adore her voice!) When I saw this in the fuchsia, it reminded me of the tune. Harbored safely inside a dying bloom, a black and yellow insect is hiding from the rain.   There was a distinct irony in the image and a beautiful lesson.

These insects are hated and feared (for many, it is a good reason!).The wasp (yellow-jacket? hornet???) was inside a lovely flirty dead flower. The spent petals had curled into spots to shelter. An obscure sort of triad blessing. Everyone needs a safe place now and again, no matter what kind of sting or coloring you have. Shelters don’t need to be pristine or usual to protect. Nothing alive is completely useless or insignificant. Three gifts I’d have missed if I had turned away. This is what I want to be like. I want to be a shelter for the shunned as well as those who are practically perfect. I’m glad I saw this.


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