Count Them Later

IMG_3419 In the moments between today and tomorrow, when the counterpane is more like a tidal wave of life than cotton, counting your blessings seems crazy. Lyrics from Bing Crosby’s song ‘Count Your Blessings’ dance past, sung by laughing sheep. Caught in a whirlpool of  thankfuls, you can’t breathe. You see thousands of blessings rush past, flotsam from the past and present. They bounce against you, reminding you they exist, but you can’t grasp them in the turmoil of emotional distress. The blessings almost anger you. You know they exist, you know thinking about them is supposed to bring peace, yet the contact you have with them is harsh. You need to look at these white nights differently or you will drown. I felt I was going to.

I found a life line dangling above me, I wasn’t sure it was logical, but I reached out for it and escaped. I had read, done word puzzles, and found a release in writing down my own words. They make little sense hours into daylight, but they helped. The time it took for me to scrawl down thoughts and feelings gave me a chance to reflect back on some of what I was seeing. It calmed the turmoil and allowed me to slip into the darkness of rest. A blessing I was ready to accept and be thankful for.

Don’t be afraid to look out of your box to find a way to relax. Your mind and soul will thank you. Be blessed!


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