Never Given

IMG_3431 I thought for a while about sharing this hard blessing. I decided, it was necesssary. I met a lady at a local post office who told me about going through a woman’s house after she had died. It was full of gifts never given. The woman would buy things when she saw fun sales and change her mind when the time came to give them away. It was so sad to find new in box items. Like the ‘Island of Misfit Toys’, but these were perfect and ready to bless someone’s life. Someone who never received them.

I understand this sadness. I’ve found brand new intricate coloring books languishing in bags, pieces of afghans started 50 years ago for a woman dead for at least 15, and children’s toys waiting to bring laughter to some young soul stored on a shelf. Boxes, decorated bags, and rolls of gift wrap for all kinds of holidays exist for no reason at all. They are in every room, kept from the chance of being used. Saved for something special.

So, what is the blessing? First, I am more aware of saving gifts for something special (Operation Christmas Child is a GREAT place to send brand new toys and color books). Second, I am much more aware of the people who are missing out on the love stored away. It isn’t right to keep something for a ‘better’ day, the better day is NOW. Share today and stop hoarding joys others may need.  Get rid of gifts and be blessed!


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