IMG_3392 It has been pouring rain all day today. I’m a huge fan of rain, petrichor, and water. It was hot, too. I had to take off my sweatshirt and was one of the few Alaskans in the area running around in a tank top in the rain. I did see one man in rubber boots and shorts and a flannel shirt over a t, I smiled! But, the one blessing which caught my eye was a rose bush.

This rosebush was covered with spent blooms heavy with water and limp on their stems, a few buds tightly furled keeping out the rain, and one single blossom holding liquid  gems. It glowed in the bright green foliage. I am sure the entire reason it bloomed today was to show off in mostly grey hours. I do hope I wasn’t the only one who saw it. People were walking with their heads down and visors pulled on their ball caps, busy with errands, and completely missing the vibrant pink blessing right in front of them.

How sad to miss out on a small joy when focused on existing. The small joys help us in our living. May you see a blessing in front of you today. May you experience a glow from something beautiful. Be it a word, a friend, or a simple flower blooming in the rain.


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