IMG_3371 Not the final frontier or what might be between my ears. Wide open space. Freedom! The sounds of birds, the wind in the trees, the splash of water. Space uncluttered by nothing which doesn’t belong. Relish this blessing. Absorb it into your soul and be at peace. You may find it in a garden, a walk in the woods, on a beach, or almost anywhere. Our bodies need clutter free zones to relax and recharge.

Our minds need it, too. Take a break from technology for a few hours or a day, dip into a book with powerful ideas and thoughts, and let go of the ridiculous trivia you don’t need. Google is a great place to find stuff not necessary until you need to remove a stain or discover how to make a bow from netting. Use it and drop the silly mind debris, if you can. Your mind and body will thank you for the respite and you will be blessed.

Good authors who have powerful thoughts and idea Arthur Gordon (A Touch of Wonder), William George Jordan (The Majesty of Calmness), and Joseph Campbell (Masks of God). I  enjoy Lewis Carroll, too!


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