Crossed wires, listening, and having the knowledge to fix what is garbled. I was so thankful for an employee from Alaska Communications to come and visit the house today. The problem was a tad larger than I wanted, but he was confident and positive for a good outcome.

I am often impressed when I see people who work with customers in their homes. They are often incredibly kind, generous, and caring. What they do isn’t just a job. Sometimes they need to work in intolerable conditions of messy homes or around barky dogs. Sometimes they are outside in horrible weather doing dangerous things. We are fortunate this week to have sunny skies for an outside ‘adventure’ at mom’s. Being able to hear a phone ring and be able to answer it are a privileged blessing.

I know landlines are phasing out, yet sometimes it is the only option you have. It was suggested we get rid of Dad’s red rotary dial phone in the basement, though.


4 thoughts on “Communication

  1. When I was younger I used to beg my parents to get rid of their rotary because it was so uncool. They still had a rotary in the basement in 1992!!!
    We were the last of our friends to get a phone with an extended cord. Last to go cordless.
    It was really annoying to talk to my friends in jr high on a short cord at the kitchen table!!😂

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    1. laughing out loud!!! That is a funny story-I used to talk to people and ask them to wrap the cord around their hand or self and tell them it was a hug from me!


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