One of the most amazing things about this area of the Kenai are the rocks. I have always loved rocks, I’ve written about them in here before, and they fascinate me! After the recent excavations in my mom’s yard, I am trying to put things in a more tidy arrangement. One of the projects I have on my docket is making mum’s front flower bed a flower bed again. Lining some parts with rocks and outlining beds is not easy. Some of the rocks in the yard are large and heavy. But, they are almost always interesting.

I am not a geologist, nor do I have a phone with a rock app (is there such a thing, there should be!). However, I was intrigued with the fun shapes and bits found in ‘basic’ rocks I picked up from the debris. So different in texture, shape, and make up. So much like people. Some of us have shiny bits sparkling in dark places, some are dense and heavy, some of us are crumbly and break into more pieces which can be scattered everywhere, and some of us have surprises hidden inside if someone cares to break you open.

What a blessing rocks will always be to me!


2 thoughts on “Rocks

  1. Rocks are such a nice design in a garden. I like rock gardens. One can’t really go wrong with a rock garden especially if there is a pond or a gazing ball. Sigh I’m dreamy eyed now!

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    1. I need a gazing ball. I was going to make something like one from a bowling ball, cement, and shiny stones…but I didn’t want to go thru all the work! Lazy!


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