These have been a part of me for over 50 years. The nails are often too short, the poor things are often abused by shoes or things in the way, and I rarely take the time to make them look pretty. Yet, these ten blessings are mine. I have not lost any of them to life with Diabetes or injury.

Toes help a person to balance, to keep close to the line (OK, not always in my case!), and to reach things much too high. They are important in so many steps during this walk of life.  My toes often ache, probably because they are so close to the feet which have pins and needles in them. I frown at them and wish for a pedicure (too lazy to toss the coinage in that direction!). They are not actually necessary, a person can survive perfectly fine without some or all of them. I’d rather not.  I often forget what a blessing it is to have ten working toes.

One of the things we used to insist upon in Scouting was during outdoor venues everyone needed to wear closed toe shoes. A youngster had on a pair of those sandals where the toes were mostly covered and a stick ended up threaded inside. This ripped the nail off a toe. It was a horrid accident. Our camp was considered the problem for not keeping the trails clear of debris….But, the incident made me more aware of how easy it is to hurt our feet and toes. Value the bottom guys, they really are things to be thankful for.


2 thoughts on “Toes

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Without our toes we would be having a hard time of it!
    I’m lucky I haven’t broken toes because I’m such a klutz. I always drop things on them or stub them on chairs!
    I once dropped a DVD player on my middle toes. The next day a co-worker stomped on the same toes, after I told her to watch her step. 😭😭
    The only thing that makes me cringe about toes? Is when women have French pedicures. No! Toe nails are supposed to be cut nice and short!

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