Don’t get me wrong. I detest, abhor, despise, and do not like litter. However, I was thinking about it and found a few blessings inside some of it.

First: When my son was in Iraq, litter was often a marker. When someone tossed a can out of a moving vehicle or if you saw a scarf tied around a bumper of a stalled car. These were more than likely, signals for violence. I am so VERY thankful litter in the United States is often just litter. I know there are sick people who have primed tennis balls to detonate when a dog grabs one and I am sure there are other terrible litter stories. Yet, for the most part. Garbage on the street or toys lost are exactly what they appear to be.

Second: Glass litter on beaches. I would have picked this up if I had something to carry it in. Beach glass, oddly enough, is made from glass in fresh water. This is not what people covet. Sea glass takes sometimes 50 years for the waves and water to make into lovely shapes and pieces people collect. I didn’t realise it would take so long for this bottle to become beautiful. I shouldn’t have left this behind to be found in pieces in 2066.

So, yes. a couple of odd crazy blessings found in something rather horrible and nasty and in need of being disposed of properly!


2 thoughts on “Litter

  1. It’s good to see that you’re getting out and about! Also, I hope that your son isn’t jumping around litter. That kind of experience would make me quite jumpy, I think. Blessings to you and yours.

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