I’m home in Alaska again. I do love this place. It is too hot this year, fires are out of control already, and projects are lining up faster than kids getting ready for recess. One of the things I have done since Sunday night was mow mum’s yard. I was kind of sad because much of the yard was mid calf high clover. The bees were humming and dancing on the heavy sweet scent of summer. It was so strong, I wanted to cut off a slice and spread it on toast!

I only hope the bees find some fireweed to make up for the lack of clover blossoms. I can imagine their honey will be utterly delectable with the two mixed. What a blessing it is to be home. What an amazing thing to watch bees in clover.


One thought on “Clover

  1. You make my mouth water for some of that wonderful honey not yet made!
    ~ I’m getting better about remembering to read your blog daily or so! 🙂
    As one who’s dreamed of visiting Alaska since Jr. High or so, I’m really looking forward to your adventures there.
    I’m not sure how far you are from my daughter, I think I’ll look it up. But if you need an extra hand around your mum’s, let me know. Depending on their work schedules, I might be able to send them your way.

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