Get out and GO!


I don’t play Pokemon. I never have. It has always amused me. My eldest played it a a LOT. I asked him his thoughts on this new game and he’s excited. People are getting out and talking to each other and using technology. He’s said there are some dumb folks who are not using common sense when they ask strangers if they can find creatures in their yards. But, the positives are much greater than the negatives. It is a never ending game that no one will ever win. It is a game to play. Tony feels it is brilliant. It is nostalgia come to life.

Twenty years ago Pokemon entered the world. Kids traded cards, played cards, played on Gameboys, and today you  can walk the streets and find your Pokemon anywhere in the world. JUST LIKE IN THE GAMES! Tony did say he hopes the aggression in some of the later versions does not cross over to real time. Tearing a federal building apart to find your Pokemon isn’t a good idea.

So, blessings in good things coming to life!


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