Drinking Summer-

IMG_3022There is a website called Fifteen Spatulas. The cook shared a recipe using frozen watermelon and lime juice. I found a video when I was searching for something on watermelons. So, I thought I’d get the ingredients. I was waiting to check out when I realised I had forgotten the lime juice. However, there are handy dandy fridges at the start of every line and I grabbed a bottle of diet 7-Up. I had read another recipe blog where seltzer water was used to make a watermelon drink. Anyway, I decided to adapt the recipe to my ingredients and see what happened.

Most awesome amazing excellent! I was so impressed, I took a very bad photo and I didn’t care! I knew you could dehydrate watermelon for fruit leather(I haven’t done it, but it can be done!), but I had not thought about freezing it. I put about 3 cups in a blender, added some soda and pureed it into a slushy. Wonderful fun flavor burst. I was so excited to find a new way to combine great ingredients to make something even better. I’m so thankful for an imagination. For the ability to be able to create. I’m blessed to have the ability to find knowledge and expand on it in a positive way.


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