Our keyboard had some letters missing. It didn’t bother me–I rarely look at the keys when I type. The kid didn’t care at all, he has an idea of where they are and doesn’t type much anyway. The dad? He was frustrated. When Tony came home, he thought it was funny. It appeared the letters missing were ‘odd’ letters to have worn off. When I was replacing them (found an instructable that was much easier than buying a new keyboard), I, too, wondered. I had to replace the letters ‘L’, ‘V’, ‘C’, ‘M’, ‘N’, and the  ‘<‘.

Then, it dawned on me. ‘C’ is probably for ‘cookies’ (I know a monster who would agree!) I also use the words ‘love’ and ‘loved’ a great deal and I am always typing in the ❤ symbols to make a heart. Shel Silverstein’s poem is a bit off, ‘O’ and ‘E’ were the only letters that showed up consistently…on the keyboard. I thought it was pretty cool I used those letters for those words so often, I had worn them off the surface. Yet, they still worked when I pressed the right key. Even if they were ‘gone’, they still existed. So many  lessons in this blessing!

Such as, just because someone isn’t visible, doesn’t mean they don’t change you in some way. Using words to share care is a beautiful way to pass love on. Then, my favorite lesson, fixing something for another person, even if you don’t think it is important, is an awesome blessing!

Love on!!!


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