Moses is such a brat. Here he is searching the area where he ‘lost’ his prey. I am so very thankful for this cat’s large softball paws (6 toes on every foot). When he catches tiny birds, he often can’t bite them thru his hold on them. If he does get them in his mouth, they are too small to crunch!  I was sleeping off some meds (have a sinus infection and my soft bed called me louder than the pond that needs cleaned out or chores that need done!) and Moses came in meowing. The meow with his mouth full. Yes, he had it in his mouth, but it was a tiny wren and didn’t take up much space. He dropped the bird when he saw me and it darted off.. ending up in a space under the air conditioner. I grabbed Moses and stuck him in the bedroom and closed the door.

Remembering birds move to sunshine, I  opened the curtains on the largest window. Eventually, the wren flew toward the light, hitting the barrier to outside (of course). He landed on the floor, stunned. I hoped he was stunned! I didn’t want to have my rescue attempt ruined by death by glass. He seemed ok. So, I placed him gently in a paper bag, closed it securely, and put it in a darkened room. After 40 min of rest, I took the bag outside to a shaded spot, opened it, and the little guy SHOT out into the sky.

I am grateful I learned decades ago how to rescue a stunned bird. I am so VERY thankful Moses’ snack was released to where it belonged. I am blessed by knowing I helped save a life today. I am also glad I got to see a wren and hold it. I can never manage to find these masters of disguise when they are outside. I have no clue how the cat managed, but he is a cat….


4 thoughts on “Released

  1. My cat used to do that! Lol. What really freaked my mom out? One morning it rained. My cat was meowing to be let in to be fed. My mom was running late for work, so she was not impressed!
    So she let in Buddy.
    Buddy kept butting her, while she poured his food. She pushed him away. Found worms all over her hands. He had been rolling in the mud, and was covered in mud and worms!! 😂😂😂


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