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I had an experience today which continues to amaze me more than 12 hours later. I was in church. It was a normal kind of Sunday, except some friends from the East Coast were there. Tall, wonderful fun friends. I wove my way around people and pews to reach them. Mechelle enveloped me in her arms and we pressed close to one another. It was during the singing part of our service and she kept singing as we hugged. Her voice wrapped around me like  her arms and I remembered thinking as my head pressed against her ribs, ‘This is incredible!’ I could feel her words! After we let go, I thought I wanted to try it again. I’d never had a music hug before and wanted to see if it was really as amazing as I had thought. One of my favorite peoples to  hug also has a stellar voice (I follow her from the pew when she’s part of the praise team) and she was handy! So, I sneaked over to hug her and whispered to her about the singing hug. She grinned and immediately wrapped her arms around me (I love whole arm hugs!!!). We stood for almost an entire verse. Our arms holding each other in friendship and Angela’s voice enfolding me in sound. It was beautiful.

These seriously need to be a thing. To be encircled by flesh and auditory touches is definitely one of the most magical things I have been a part of in a very long time. What an amazing blessing I found today. I wish I could sing–I’d pass out singing hugs everywhere I went!!


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