Once again my Snicklefritz has had a birthday which we couldn’t celebrate with him. He was working and we were missing. We’ll have a real party on Sunday with his grandma and chocolate cake and Tillamook ice cream.

It is funny. I’ve made more parties out of birthdays which were sans the celebrant. Yet, missing my kid on his makes me melancholy! I’m so thankful he’s not in Iraq this year. I am eternally grateful he’s in the United States only a few time zones away. Having him see ordinary fireworks instead of mortar shells is a blessing many of us parents can truly understand. When we blow out the candles on his cake, I’ll be grateful and thankful for dozens of things. I have had a full parent heart today and I miss him.

Thank You, God, for allowing me have and hold this human male who is a part of me, a part of his dad, and a good part of You.  A miracle and a joy (even if he doesn’t think so at his ripe age of 27!).



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