Lights Around Us


Attended a car show today while the town is hosting Hodaka Days. It was the second car show, but this year there weren’t a whole lot of people/cars/bikes in it. No matter, I learned smaller car shows are much more fun than larger ones. You get to talk to way more people and they have fun stories.

The man in the photo was articulate, interesting, nice looking, and had been on a motorcycle from Homer to Anchorage more than once. He told how he had clammed on the Inlet and hung buckets on each handlebar with the shovel balanced in front of him. Others I talked to shared stories about remembering the 56 Mercury their relations drove. One man I let sit in the car was so full of nostalgia, I almost thought he was gonna cry! Two men originated from Columbia and reflected on how many American cars they found in their travels overseas. They also remembered their grandpa who wore a dress shirt and a tie when he went out in his Mercury.

It is so much FUN to share stories and hear stories from people when they see the 56 Merc. Blessings pour out in memories.


3 thoughts on “Lights Around Us

  1. It takes a special kind of person to be comfortable talking in public shows like this. I was in the exhibits hall of a library trade show yesterday and couldn’t work myself up to talk to anybody. Part of it was not being in a position to buy anything, but that wasn’t all.

    The world is a brighter place for your ability to pull out stories.

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  2. We have a car show too, but I can’t remember when. I love old cars from the 40 or 50s.
    There is a place just outside city limits, on the Point, people would dump their cars off the cliff. Mostly it was a high accident area, because people couldn’t see the cliff. There were cars from the 40s rusting at the bottom of the cliff!

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