Strange and Wondrous


Someday I want to learn how to snorkel and see the things I find washed up living in their proper places. Although, I found this on a beach in Cook Inlet and THAT water is not quite snorkeling temp!

When I found this, it fascinated me. It looked like a succulent. One of those flowers which grow in very little soil (it had rocks hanging on it) and bloom beautifully. Yesterday, in my garden, I found a poppy bud which hadn’t opened. Incredible layers of fragile, brown crinkled paper with a heart (eye) still vibrant and black. Watching hummingbirds as they dart and defend is another incredible experience. I wish we could entice them to land on us. We used to have this happen when we lived on the Oregon Coast. The grip of tiny feet on your finger is humbling. Wearing a red shirt or hairband or having one of these critters stuck in your car is terrifying!

Louis Armstrong sang it perfectly in his song, “What a wonderful World.” It really is full of strange and wondrous things!


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