Passing it On

PrincessBride IMG_8383

I read this book ages ago. I have loved the movie forever. I got ‘As You Wish’ using a gift certificate from a bookstore (Yes, I read instead of folding clothes!). I have wanted my family to read the latter ever since I finished it. Finally, the younger son did. He loved it and asked to read the book. Thrilled, I dug my aged copy out from a bookshelf and he devoured it! No other word, it took him less than a week to finish over 280 pages of small print. I am completely happy. Tony read ‘The Princess Bride’ when he was in HS, the movie was his favorite movie, but I could not get him to read ‘As You Wish’ when he came home for a week. Now, the husband is reading ‘As You Wish’. I think we’ll watch the movie again before he finishes it. He’s not laughing over it as much as Jon and I did.

Sharing books is a glorious thing. Sharing ‘The Princess Bride’ is a blessing bigger than the Fire Swamp or the Cliffs of Insanity. Common phrases used in our home  now have a meaning beyond Billy Crystal’s ability to ad-lib iconic lines and ‘the black man’ befriending beaten enemies.   I think everyone should get to know William Goldman’s wonderful story in one form or all the forms. You won’t regret it-I promise.




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