In the darkness found in the loss of my friend, there was comfort. Comfort in seeing how many people he touched with his life, in seeing his laughing face over and over in photos, and in friends who reached out. Friends who extended themselves with  verbal  hugs and words crafted to bring peace.

This is a tiny piece of a note someone dear shared with me, “The deeper the hurt, the longer the memory. And eventually, the pain won’t be as bad, but you will still remember how much you valued the one you lost. The memory of them will be bittersweet, so you will smile while a tear falls. And that’s when they become immortal, for they will be remembered and missed in the same heartbeat. And they will always be in your heart.” KK

I was blessed by these words. I am blessed by the images within them. My heart and eyes overflow with the generous care someone far away is gifting a grieving friend. Thank you, K. Thank you.


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