The Past is Present


Saturday , June 4, was an odd kind of day. It started with a memorial service for Steve’s aunt-his uncle died 5 months earlier. It was a beautiful time of memories. It brought the past into the present. Later, we went to what is called  ‘Old Iron Show’.  In a grassy knoll dozens of enthusiastic collectors  showed off machines and gadgets from all generations. It is amazing how a few gears, a pulley, and a bit of power can do so much. Household appliances, tractors of every make, cars, parts of engines, weaving machines, and displays of all kinds of fun things. The water faucet exhibit in the picture was a siren call for many a kid and adult (the temps were in the high 90’s). I was fascinated by all these amazing bits and bobs from bygone days entertaining and astounding those from today. How thankful I am for the blessing of progress. For washing machines which wring out the clothes in a cycle instead of a roller. For the awe found in the innovation and ingenuity which created lawn tractors in the 40’s and 50’s from a little of this and a bit of that and a dash of hope. Blessings found in people who care about the past and are able to bring it into our present working, smoking, and whirring with energy.

There is a great deal to be said for the past. It is a beacon of hope for our future. Aunt Kathy would have liked knowing she is a part of that, too.


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