Try it.


This dinner was supposed to be on Friday. I thought I could make it on Saturday. I finally was able to cook it on Sunday. I put it off for various reasons and was frustrated. I love egg rolls or spring rolls. I didn’t have a reason to shop and pick any up today (Sunday) and decided to google them. OMGOODNESS!!! You can make these things from scratch in a normal ordinary home kitchen.

I read the recipe and thought, ‘Wait, these are basically coleslaw with pork or chicken in a wrap…’ Then, I found out how to make the wrappers. Those? They are pretty much an Asian crepe! The hardest part of making these treats was creating them while I was making a Texas cake and the fried rice. I am thoroughly thankful I didn’t end up with powdered sugar or chocolate or rice in places they shouldn’t have gone! I definitely think buying them is 100% easier, but I was pretty darn impressed. I do believe my next kitchen purchase will be a  basic crepe pan.

What a blessing it is to make something I’ve never made before. What an AMAZING blessing it is to have my creation taste delicious!!! And, have I mentioned before? I love my kitchen!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Try it.

  1. What a great blessing! Good use of your research skills and analogizing skills as well. Good that you worked through your frustration. What’s Texas Cake? Just bigger than usual, but smaller than an Alaskan Cake?

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  2. That’s awesome! I’ve made egg rolls, but never thought to make the wraps!
    I think I’ll get a crepe pan too. Derrick can learn to make egg rolls and since I’m in charge of dessert, I can learn to make crepes 🙂

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