bcblueberries I love blueberries. ‘Blueberries for Sal‘ was a favorite book as a little. Picking blueberries was always fun (I’ll need to do that again this year–the last time was too long ago!). I adore blueberry pancakes, yogurt, muffins, and raw berries in the palm my hand. However, I have a recipe I probably won’t make again. It was one I made years ago. I remembered it tasted good. So, I mixed it up. And remembered why it had been so long since I had compiled those ingredients in that manner.

Messy??? OH YES! MESSY! I probably didn’t make it right either time. ‘Taste of Home’ doesn’t put bad recipes in their books. So, where is the blessing??? It is in being able to make something with blueberries. It is making a mess and knowing it is ok. It  was a blessing to remember the last time I made this recipe (I made it for some friends who were visiting from the UAE). It is in knowing not all scones are pretty as a picture, but they taste like home anyway!


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