IMG_2372 This is a small farm chemical plant in our town. This afternoon, around 1230, I was outside and heard a whomp sort of explosion. I saw a white cloud issuing from someplace high (like a teakettle, only sideways) around the top of this place and heard a high pitched horrid noise. I stood transfixed in my yard, staring, and wondering what the heck was going on. It didn’t last more than a minute before it stopped. Nothing was said about it on FB (so it must not have been interesting! lol) and the fire dept wasn’t called. I was so thankful! No one around knows what happened, but it couldn’t have been bad.— Like the last time. A few years back, there was a chemical ‘leak’ and all the houses in the way of the wind lost grass and trees and flowers. One of the homes we had looked at was right across the street from the plant. It was a reason we weren’t serious about talking bids. The baseball field is kitty corner to the facility and tomorrow our varsity softball team plays in the state playoffs on that particular diamond.

Our town is blessed today by NOT having an incident.


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