Bling in Space!

How much ‘space’ can I squeeze in just a few sentences???  A few days ago, I mentioned I had an idea for a project. Well, here it is. I wanted to do so many different things and with help I did!

I wanted to put marbles in the knotholes in the fence. This was not as easy as it appeared to be. (First, I had to find the marbles….really.) I asked Jon for help and we had rather intense discussions on the course of action. It turned out we were both right in our different theories on what to do. When we hung the ‘art’ (Jon’s word) on the fence, it was also a cause for debate. Yet, I think it turned out rather well! Senator Palpatine, there WAS civility!

The blue flower Jon decided was so close to the space themed section, it was pretending to be a petunia bowl. There are two ‘planet’s (The Red Planet and an orange one, which has a sort of a ring attached to it), two rockets, many stars, and assorted bling made up of dangling (not dilithium) crystals, discarded CD’s, and old shiny jewelry bits Jon suggested might be meteors. These are all on top of a sort of a net, so things can have a place to hang.  It kind of looks like the stars are caught in it. (Maybe I should find a wooden shoe to hang up as well???) The squarish bit of wood is a spot which now has a ticket to the moon looped on it.

There are many blessings in this creation. The marbles look amazing in the sunset on my side and I’m sure the neighbor will enjoy sparkles on her side earlier in the day. The project encouraged me to work with my son (he had some GREAT ideas). And this is the first thing I’ve imagined and created and actually finished in a very long time. Hoooray!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Bling in Space!

  1. I love it! The 3 things I love most about it:
    1. The marbles in the fence 🙂 super cute!
    2. Your space theme!! You’re such a great story teller 😀
    3. Your obvious sense of pride & accomplishmet! And that you & your son did not give up, even when you didn’t see eye to eye.

    Love ya sweet lady 💖

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  2. hugs, Kris! I left you an invitation in your email to join my blog. I had to privatize it. For how long I dont know. I hope you accept it ♥♥

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