Photo by the amazing Celia  who does so many wonderful things with words and a camera. I was thinking about how blessed I was today for having an imagination. Being able to see beyond the tree tops into the blue sky.  As I was outside, I noticed something.  I have a spot in my garden which needs some bling. Something fun, to make it pop. It also needs a decoration to help retain the privacy which was lost when the neighbor’s super nice SIL trimmed the bushy tree on their side of the fence.

I know I have some marbles somewhere (yeah, I know….I am fairly sure they are  not lost!), I have assorted wooden shapes, and an imagination! I am going to make a space themed spot on my side of the fence. I’m also going to attempt to somehow hang a bird feeder on the wall of the little house. (I don’t do ladders or power tools well, so this will be an adventure.) The next couple of days are expected to be damp, so I will assemble my tools and grab my ticket to the moon this weekend. I think I’ll need to play some ELO while I’m working!


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