Inside, Outside, Upside Down.

Nope, not the beloved book about the Bernstein Bears and boxes going to town. Rocks. Thunder eggs, to be exact. These are such fascinating things. Outside (you can kind of see the rough boring part) they are ugly. Misshapen. Lumps of well, rock. Once you get inside them, there is a whole new world! (Different movie!) The colors and shapes within reflect on how they were grown. Yes, thunder eggs are grown in the earth. It is best to remove them and mark the top with a ‘T’ so you know how to cut them apart. These rocks have been in boxes for decades, so no one is quite sure where the top is. So, many of the rocks were cut offside or upside down. When the rocks are in the earth, the minerals inside go with gravity. The gravity  makes spears of colored rock or crystals in different formations.

Pretty amazing awesome coolness. Blessings in disguise! Actually, blessings you don’t even see til you open them!


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