This is from somewhere on the net and fits my blessing today. I do NOT enjoy books to movies. To be quite frank, I hate them. I  have only found a few screen adaptations which worked. Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang was excellent in both forms, The Princess Bride was more than excellent, I very much enjoyed the 1961 animated version of ‘1o1 Dalmatians’ as well as the story, and then one of my favorites, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

Tonight, I was privileged to see with my elder son, another version of ‘Jungle Book’. Tony was raised on this cartoon, so it was great fun to see this particular adaptation of it. It was much closer to the story by Kipling than the 1967 version AND it kept many of the beloved features from it. I was honestly impressed. It was NOT a kid movie, even if Mowgli is one, and acts like one sometimes. I had to let go of my spouse’s hand because I was holding it too hard during many exciting scenes!

So, I had two blessings with this movie. First, were the similarities to both the original Disney toon and the book and the second was getting to see it with my son. It was fun to watch it with him. We purchased it when he was 3 then we watched something similar 23 years later. He still enjoyed it!!!! (we wore out that VHS tape!!)


5 thoughts on “Similar!

  1. Now that’s a great review. I was wondering about it and tend to trust the opinions of sceptics. I might give it a peek. I have the original audio recorded story on vinyl at home. Who knew these things would be priceless years later? Warm wishes for the weekend.

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  2. I’m not big fan of book to movie adaptations either.
    I watched many versions of jungle book and I still dont like the movie. Am I horrible?
    Now what they need to is make a TV series out of a book and for every chapter is an episode. Don’t mess with it, don’t make any kind fixes it to it. Just film the episode as you would read a book!
    Now that would be a great show to watch!

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