rosemary-clipart-rosemary-sprigs-heart(pp_w657_h652) Rosemary is for remembrance. Memories are funny things. Sometimes you want to never forget them, sometimes you can’t wait til your brain hits a road bump and knocks them out, and often those things pop up in the oddest places.

My Mom’s Day blog on my boys helped me remember some different kinds of experiences. When I hear Stevie or Fleetwood Mac, my brain instantly recalls my most important boyfriend in the world (no,we did not marry). Those songs make me remember happy times and very sad ones. I wish I could recall more things, though. The parts of my past which helped make me that others remember and I don’t.

I am blessed I do recall some things. Experiences which shape my heart and help me light the path for others. I may not be much of a mentor, but if anyone needs me, I’ll do my best to assist and add some rosemary to the chicken for dinner.


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