My Gifts

IMG_2157 Yes, it is Mom’s Day in the US. I am very thankful for being a mom and having two amazing boys (the younger one by almost 5 years is wearing the beard). Yet, there is something more. Each one of these boys was a gift. I was given the opportunity to raise first Tony and then Jon. I didn’t do it alone, thank goodness! But, the gift to harbor their lives within mine was an incredible blessing.

When that sperm pierced the egg holding half of what each one of these kids was to become, I was clueless about so many things. It all began with a tiny violent act of becoming needing a safe place to evolve. Yes, evolve. Each boy was less than they are today-oh, they had all their DNA in place, but neither one was what they are now. (God, be thanked–they are both bigger than I am!!) But, those teeny lives needed ME to hold them while they grew, what a precious gift! Even before they were birthed, I held them close to my heart. They were separate identities living inside me. They were not my body, but IN my body. The ingredients were mixed, then nurtured for around 9 months, and finally they decided when to be born. I didn’t choose which egg would be released and penetrated by which sperm. I wouldn’t have chosen to be sicker than a dog more than once or wreck my car because of low blood sugars with my second baby. I didn’t know my first baby would have so much hair on his head, he’d shock the nurses. I didn’t choose to have two boys, Jon was supposed to be Elizabeth Dawn. I did choose not to terminate Tony because he might have had something wrong with him (unplanned Diabetic pregnancy). I also chose to keep Jon, even though it was not an easy pregnancy (understatement!!).

I look back and realise, I was infinitely blessed by the experiences I did have and couldn’t choose. Tony and Jon were and always will be my most precious gifts.


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