Difficult Blessings (spider alert)


I am not using one of the better pix Jon has taken. People (me included) sometimes don’t care for these creatures outside of books. I adored Charlotte and  Jumper, from Xanth, was one of the heroes of my younger years. None the less, I do NOT like spiders. I appreciate how they work, I am glad they help keep bugs and pests away, I am absolutely thankful they exist. Yet……why do they have to look so creepy???

Jon has been a collector of creatures for years. We still end up with spiders and crickets in the house. At the moment, Pete, is in the laundry room in a collection container. (IE-Empty  and clean large PB jar with holes in the bottom, a cut out hole in the side covered in duct tape, and the lid sealed tightly.) Jon catches house flies for Pete with a tea strainer–which I had just cleaned in at least 5 cycles of the dishwasher. He’s a neat critter, but I am VERY glad he’s in a capture jar. I love to watch him. His eyes and furry legs are so cool. Of all the spiders we’ve had around, I much prefer jumping spiders. As long as they are not jumping on ME!!! They are amazing very difficult blessings…It helps if I keep telling myself this!!


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