An old photo sharing similar bottles with different stuff inside. BUT, it sort of fits for today’s blessing! In my spice cupboard I have maple extract. Not real, I was trying an experiment and didn’t want to spend more if it didn’t work! I remembered it was there and am very glad I did.  Last night, I made box brownies. Oddly, most of the cooking I do is from scratch. Except brownies. DH and BC do darn well in the brownie department, so I let them. However, I changed it. I almost always do. This time I added cinnamon, ginger, mini chips, and then covered the baked treats with a maple glaze. OHMYGOODNESS!!!

Jon’s response was favorable. ‘It smells like donuts and tastes like brownies!’ He was impressed they made maple extract, which I could taste even if he couldn’t. It was a definite blessing of flavors! I recommend trying it, you won’t be disappointed. I promise!


One thought on “Taste

  1. Like Homer Simpson would say “hmm doughnuts” even though they are brownies! 🙌💕
    I love Texas Fudge brownies!
    I used to bake all the time not so much anymore

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