IMG_2039 Clear moon, frost soon (hoping this one isn’t accurate as there are lots of little plants outside!). Rainbow in morning, gives you fair warning (usually means a shower is headed from the west for later in the day). Plant potatoes on Good Friday (this is actually not true as Good Friday changes around from year to year!). Best days for fishing are between the new and full moon. Plant your garden when the oak leaves are the size of mouse ears. BUT, when oak leaves are the size of squirrel’s ears, plant corn.. When you plant peppers and you are mad, the fruit grows hotter. When maple leaves turn upside down, it is going to rain. Plant beans when the elms leaves are as big as a penny. If the wooly worm has a lot of wool, it will be a bad winter.

These are from various sources on folklore. FUN, huh? For me, though, I look at our honey locust for clues. It is the very last tree to get leaves in spring and the very first tree to lose them in fall. So, from looking up at the honey locust, it looks like the end of spring is near. The tulips are done, the lilacs are fading, and my nasturtium seeds have sprouted! Tonight is clear and the moon is waning. The scent of cut grass is permeating our town. Summer is definitely around the corner!


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